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Jon Lybrook, Artist and Technologist in 2000
Jon Lybrook in 2000

Jon Lybrook: Personal Bio

Jon Lybrook was raised in many towns across the eastern and central U.S. After developing his skills in photography, choral performance, and musical theater in high school, Jon graduated with a degree in filmmaking from Bard College. Immediately out of college he worked as a Stage Manager and Production Assistant for a variety of performance groups along the east coast including award-winning Trinity Repertory Company and The Rhode Island Shakespeare Theater.

At Bard, Jon learned of the hand crafted films of Stan Brakhage and after making a variety of experimental films, started an on-going series of luminograms by hand-painting film with photochemicals. These original film paintings were mounted in glass and called Lytescapes.

After working as a stage manager in professional theater for several years, Lybrook made his way to Boulder, Colorado en route to the west coast, but fell in love with the area, got an job in computer operations at the Geological Society of America, and met his future wife Bonnie. Working in a variety of professional and community-based settings Jon became involved in computer support, building websites and servers, system administration, UNIX production engineering, and computer security.

Jon has performed technical work in many interesting settings including International Language Engineering, which offered software localization in 27 languages, as well as Genomica Corporation, where he assembled complex genetic data from various public sources for university-based subscription customers.

After forming Tera Bear Consulting in 2002, Jon Lybrook lead projects of various magnitudes from the ground up including the official California Guitar Trio site (, KGNU Radio's MP3 Audio Archiving Server (, The Capitol Coverage Project Website (, and content managing tool Pro Artist Websites (

Starting in 2004 Jon begin working on a high-resolution process for creating photogravure-quality polymer plate intaglio prints and provides this service to artists and printmakers from all over the world ( As a result, Jon was invited to participate in a fine art printmaking workshop in Florence, Italy in 2006 hosted by artists Ron Pokrasso and David Hoptman.

Jon continues in all these pursuits as time allows, and in his precious free time enjoys nature photography, walks in the beautiful Colorado wilderness, printing intaglio, and spending time listening to onstage music with his beautiful and loving spouse Bonnie.