Jon and Bonnie



The future Mrs. Bonnie Lybrook and her father, Mr. Bob Burge - Chautauqua Community House, October 18, 2001.

Thanks to everyone who attended our wedding and barbeque party and for all the wonderful gifts. After the ceremony and reception, Bonnie and I had a quiet get-away for a day at The Alps Inn. It was a beautiful and relaxing place to stay, if you don't mind the heads of dead animals on the wall everywhere. It was both elegant and rustic and the most pampered we've felt in a hotel ever! Thanks to my sister Katie for telling the Alps we were newlyweds who then upgraded our room free of charge. It was truly a wonderful time.

Autumnal intertwining

The next day we got ready for our BBQ party which was held on Saturday, 10/20/01. They say it's not a party until something gets broken, and I think we passed the test! We broke the deck from the weight of Bonnie's family's antique farm table, and about 20 guests! Jon, with the help and advice of 40 of his closest friends, crawled under the deck with a car jack to stabilize the deck. We also kicked the keg in record time at about 8:30pm - a little under five hours. We estimate about 125 people were in attendance. Thanks to all who came to celebrate with us!

Jon Lybrook's dad's high school webmaster was kind enough to repost photos of our wedding on the Lancaster High Alumni website.

Due to the generosity and foresight of Bonnie's Aunt Sheri, and cousins the Wiedenfelds, we were advised to open one of our wedding presents - a large, outdoor fireplace - which kept the party warm until nearly 2am with song and spirits. Rest assured, that present will be well utilized...

Please get in touch with us via E-mail and let us know if you have any photos you want to share, or are interested in seeing any of the photos of the wedding and/or BBQ Bash - or just to say hi.